Care. Create. Elevate.

We don’t just make things look pretty. We take your complex ideas and make it easy for investors and customers to understand. We know how to organize information so it’s digestible and we excel at creating visually rich and exciting material that people want to engage with. And we make it easy. At Care Creative, we strive to create win/win outcomes for all our clients, simply and quickly. We’re excited about helping you succeed!

we’re versatile

Our portfolio is chock-full of a wide array of services and industries including fashion, beauty, tech, publishing, cryptocurrency, and more.

we’re data pros

We take a special interest in data visualization and infographic design, ensuring each design works to enhance the information being presented.

we’re multi-platform experts

Powerpoint, Google Slides, and Keynote are all areas of expertise for our team (and it’s a given we’re pros at the full Adobe suite).

we create brand cohesion

As a full-service highly experienced design studio, we can design all your supporting materials — both print and digital.

we’re trusted and trustworthy

We often work with highly sensitive information and always keep it safe. Our clients trust us time after time, because we get it right.

we’re kind

And easy going. We produce great work that’s on time and on budget, without any drama. Always.

we’re really good at what we do

We consistently deliver top-quality, attention-grabbing, compliment-inspiring work. You’ll see.

we believe in your project

With each new project, we are excited to help bring your concept to life. It truly excites us, and we’d be thrilled to work with you!

who we are

Caroline Bishop — principal + creative director

Care Creative is a boutique graphic design studio, located in Toronto, lead by me, Caroline Bishop. We specialize in presentation creative direction, design, and content flow/, writing, and editing for investor, sales, and presentation decks.


Although I love design, what sets me apart is that I understand and am passionate about business. I’m an entrepreneur myself – always will be – and I know how to elevate brands with thoughtful design and strategic thinking. My team and I will help you produce the most impactful-looking material possible.


We’re versatile, easy-going, damn good at what we do, we’re trusted and trustworthy, and we’re passionate about taking complex ideas, executing them, and helping you succeed.


My motto is work hard and be kind. And zero drama. That’s how I live every part of my life and that’s what I will bring to my projects with you.


Let’s chat about how we can collaborate!

let’s connect

The Care Creative Team: Creative. Quick. Kind. Cool.

Hannah — designer + digital lead

Hannah is our bright new designer and web lead who is incredibly passionate and driven. Her role is to provide support for design and web-based projects to ensure they are both beautiful and functional. She’s a recent graduate of Ryerson University’s Creative Industries program where she specialized in media business and graphic communications management. 

Laura — studio manager

Laura is responsible for making sure day-to-day operations at our studio run smoothly. Her work behind-the-scenes is crucial to ensuring we’re able to keep up and get ahead. She’s the ultimate organizer, an impressively efficient researcher, a dedicated and loyal hard worker and a bookkeeping wiz.


Working with a brilliant designer like Caroline is easy…she is able to craft beautiful layouts effortlessly and makes everything I do look composed, on brand, and simply gorgeous! highly recommend.

– Robert Lee, Senior VP Global Creative Director, Newsweek

You were always so easy to work with…super talented and super fast and so positive…Every shoot you directed, every layout you designed was beyond our expectations. You deliver!!!

– Jackie Shipley, former Creative Director, Glow Magazine

 Caroline, you’re extraordinarily creative and no one works harder. Your clients are lucky to have such a talented partner.

– David Harris, former Publisher, Presbyterian Record

Wonderful wonderful job…really great work…hell I might hire you for my other clients.

– Bruce Roberts, Event Producer, New York City

Caroline has set a new standard for our organization; her design sensibility and work ethic have elevated our outreach and profile exponentially.

– Stephanie Sandberg, Executive Director, LPAC

You are AMAZING! This looks fantastic. So well thought out and pulled together and on a tight timeline.

– Nicole Conniff, Vice President, Marketing, Tricon American Homes

We give you our toughest project, because we know you can handle them.

– Dave Hughes, Managing Director, Out Leadership

 I’ve hired Caroline from three different companies: ALC, Newsweek & Spitball. At each place, I needed to revamp the sales and marketing collateral from scratch. As if she had a Vulcan mind-meld, the first materials would come back bigger, better, and stronger than they were before. It’s like magic. She will always be my go-to-person for the creation of sales and marketing collateral.

– James Green, Chief Revenue Officer

 I love it. I can always count on you to take care of these so perfectly.

– Colleen Henman, former Creative Director, Rogers

The team at Care Creative is exceptional. They work with your timeline and ensure you are happy with every element of work delivered. The deliverables are consistently beautiful, creative, and sleek. We are thrilled to continue to work with this talented team!

– Jane Barry-Moran / Manager of Programs & Partnerships, Out Leadership