because I care how you look

Why? Your first impression can make or break your chance to wow, and I love nothing more than seeing my clients succeed. Great design makes all the difference. I create material that ensures your brand looks inspiring, innovative, intelligent and creative. Always delivered on time, on budget and with a smile. Because I care.

Caroline Bishop

The Care Creative Team:
Creative. Quick. Kind. Cool.

Care Creative is a boutique design agency, working with international clients, located in Toronto, lead by me, Caroline Bishop.

My passion is design — I love designing and creating, and delivering layouts that make people go “Wow! I love it!”. That’s the reaction I strive for. I have a knack for understanding a vision and delivering it.

What sets me apart is that I also understand and am fascinated by business. I’m an entrepreneur myself — always will be — and I know how to package and visualize ideas to sell. At the end of the day, that, along with the satisfaction of doing great work, is what it comes down to. I will help you produce the most impactful looking material possible. Decks, branding, advertising, event promos, publications — any material you need — I’ve got you covered.

We are a very small team, which ensures you get one-on-one service and attention that’s simply not possible at a large firm. My motto is work hard and be kind. And zero drama. That’s how I live every part of my life and that’s what I will bring to my projects with you.

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